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How does loft insulation work?

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Loft insulation is installed to bring the overall level of your loft insulation up to a depth of 250mm (10 inches). This is achieved by laying one layer of mineral wool quilt down between the joists and one layer at 90 degrees across the top of the joists.

If you already have some loft insulation, you may just receive one layer on top of your existing insulation to bring the overall level up to the recommended depth. If there are cold water tanks and/or pipes in the loft, if required, these will be insulated to bring the insulation up to current standards - this is to stop them from freezing in cold weather.

The loft hatch will also be insulated with mineral wool quilt to the same depth and the edges of the hatch will be draught proofed.

We require the loft space to be emptied of the majority of belongings prior to us commencing work. If there is a small amount of belongings left in the loft space, we can move this as we work. If you have loose boards in the loft, these would need to be lifted prior to the work being carried out.

We would recommend that you do not use the loft space for storage as the joists are not designed to support additional weight. However, if you do choose to store materials in the loft space, they can be placed on the insulation material without causing damage but we suggest that you place belongings so they rest over the joists. Energycare's loft insulation material is non-toxic and not harmful to humans - or their pets.


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