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Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

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Cavity insulation may need to be removed for a variety of reasons, these may include :

  • Storm damage – our climate can effect the condition of brickwork and render which in extreme conditions can allow excessive volumes of water to penetrate the outer skin, flooding the cavity and creating issues with damp on the inner walls. If the insulation becomes too wet, it will need to be removed.
  • Construction issues, such as burst pipes, dirty wall ties and poorly installed lintels can require the insulation to be removed to allow remedial works to take place.
  • Poorly installed or damaged insulation such as urea formaldahyde foam which can break down over time.

How is the insulation removed ?

Damaged insulation can be removed with minimal disturbance to the property. Utilising mainly the original drill holes, compressed air is blown in to the cavity to force the insulation material to the base of the cavity , where a series of bricks are removed  to allow the insulation to be safely removed, bagged up and removed from site.

A borescope inspection is carried out over the wall to ensure that all of the material is removed.

The brickwork is then made good.

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