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Commercial Buildings Energy Savings

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It is possible to significantly improve the energy performance of the existing building fabric.

Why consider building fabric as part of an energy efficiency programme?

Improving a site's building fabric leads to:

  • Reduced energy costs as a result of minimising the loss of treated (heated or cooled) air
  • Better temperature control - it can lower ventilation and air conditioning costs and prevent overheating
  • Improved productivity - the output and morale of the people in the building can be enhanced by providing a more comfortable working environment through reducing draughts, solar glare, overheating and noise
  • Lower capital expenditure - a more efficient, well-insulated building needs smaller heating and cooling systems
  • Good investment - better insulation can increase a building's value and attractiveness
  • Compliance with regulation - businesses may need to consider building fabric under Government Building Regulations

What can you do to improve the energy efficiency of your building?

  • Cavity wall insulation - Simple to install at minimal cost but can reduce heat loss by 35%
  • Solid wall insulation - More disruptive to install but you could be losing up to 45% of your heat through solid walls
  • Roof insulation - Insulation at ceiling level or above suspended ceilings - simple to install and could reduce heat loss by 25%
  • Roof level insulation - if you don't have any ceilings, you can still insulate the roof at roof level using traditional insulation
  • Draughtproofing - easy, inexpensive and improves occupant comfort. Reduces heating costs by up to 10% and pays back your investment in a year or two.

How much does it cost?

The costs can range from a few pounds upwards depending on what you want to have done - some ways to save energy don't cost anything !

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