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Energy Savings for Schools

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Getting the temperatures right in a school is not an easy task - and paying for the energy bills once you've got it right is a challenge in its own right.

At home, your heating might only be on for 3 - 4 hours per day, but schools will have their heating on for 8 - 12 hours per day or sometimes even more. Imagine the savings that can be made by making the school building more energy efficient?

What can you do to improve the energy efficiency of your school?

  • Cavity wall insulation - Simple to install at minimal cost but can reduce heat loss by 35%
  • Solid wall insulation - More disruptive to install but you could be losing up to 45% of your heat through solid walls
  • Roof insulation - Insulation at ceiling level or above suspended ceilings - simple to install and could reduce heat loss by 25%
  • Roof level insulation - if you don't have any ceilings, you can still insulate the roof at roof level using traditional insulation
  • Draughtproofing - easy, inexpensive and improves occupant comfort. Reduces heating costs by up to 10% and pays back your investment in a year or two.

How much does it cost?

The costs can range from a few pounds upwards depending on what you want to have done - some ways to save energy don't cost anything !

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