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What happens if I hire Energycare to insulate my home?

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Once you have signed the Quotation/Order, the surveyor will pass the paperwork back to the office. Please ensure you keep the top white copy for your own records. The office will then call you to arrange a convenient time and date to carry out the installation - you will normally be given around one weeks notice of when we can carry out the project.

During normal operations, the maximum time you should normally wait for the installation team would be 6 to 8 weeks. The winter period from October to March each year is obviously pour busiest period, so the wait may be slightly longer. However, appointments do sometimes get cancelled and we may be able to carry out your insulation project in a shorter timescale.

When the Energycare team arrives, they will show you their identification and explain the work they are about to do. If you have any queries about the work, do not hesitate to ask the crew.


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